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September 22nd, 2008, 4:25 pm

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Skip this if you want XD "Intergalactic Warrior Ai" is another comic I was making a year before Synesthesia.
It was about a 17 year old guy called Koi who had mental problems and his 17 year old friend Mell who had the mind of a 9 year old. They were both deeply in love with a Sailor Moon-ish manga called "Intergalactic Warrior Ai (IWA)".
Ai, the main character of IWA., had to find 7 stars that were said to be able to cure every disease in the world. Koi and Mell believed the stars were real. After an incident with a bank robber that looked a lot like an evil character from IWA, Koi disguises himself as Ai, and beats the hell outta him, thus developing Multiple Personality Disorder (wtf...xD)

One day, an evil, bipolar, rich man who is also a fan of IWA (but hates Ai) finds out that Ai "exists" and sends out his goons to finish her off.

IWA was full of insanity, crossdressing, and whatnot, but I never continued it because I lost the sketchbooks where I was drawing it T_T I would love to finish it, though ^^



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I'd be out for blood if I were deaf, TBH. I don't think I'd be able to find something good about it.

Ever. Because listening to people's stupidity can be fun to make fun of! xD

Oh, and of course, musicccc.




Great as always. ^_^
And IWA sounds AWESOME, by the way.

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