Ch 5: Normal!? ~False Hope Mix~

September 13th, 2008, 6:10 pm

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Author's Comments:



CHAPTER 5 BOYS AND GIRLS!! Oh I'm so happy to finally have this up~!

Ska is writing that on his cellphone so Dai can read it, because he's deaf (in case you forgot XD)



User's Comments:



I would kill myself if I was deaf! ^_^

Just sayin' ^_^

Y'know, no music...

= Death.



Silverwynd Blue (Guest)


I'm deaf AND a synesthete! ^^ Deafness isn't all that bad. If you have profound deafness, then yeah... but most, like me, still can hear certain levels of pitch and volume.

Plus I have a minor sound synesthesia that causes me to hear various songs without any noticeable reason, but nobody else can hear those songs.

I noticed there were up to 8 of those "songs" I could hear, which I titled by numbers, First, Second, Third, etc... I plan to make lyrics for each song then attempt to make a 'real' version of the music for others to hear. ^^ So far, I managed to write "The Seventh" down~ I'm trying to work on The Second, although with the stress, it's not coming well. ><

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