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September 9th, 2008, 1:50 pm

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Lawlz. ^^ I love the idea for this, and your art ain't half bad, either.

I actually have synesthesia, and it's quite amazing sometimes. There are diffenret levels of it, like there is in any condition. I have a lighter version of it. I don't litterally have physical "experiences" every time, but sometimes...

Like, in the 7th grade I had a teacher whose name was watermelon gum pink and every time I said it I started to taste aparagus. It was really weird, because I don't usually have taste associations. One of my friend's names tastes like the burnt cheese on a pizza. George Bush's voice is crazy curly, and my mom's voice sounds like raspberries. Seriously. For some reason, some things sound like other things that don't MAKE sounds.

Math is horrible for me, because the color associations can get in the way (and often do). It's not that I automatically see them in a certain color-- just that if I look at a number and wonder what it is, I know 46 is, for instance, tapioca-colored. (1=shark blue, 2=ochre yellow, 3=dark gray-blue, 4=spicy cherry, 5=bubble sky blue, 6=fierce green, 7=fluttering scrapped construction yellow, 8=spring onion green (the pale end), 9=sinister, dark brown-black-plum, 0=dove gray-- any other colors, just start bleeding the individuals together-- these are my color-number associations. Letters would take far longer, and words themselves even LONGER.)

I love techno music and music with lots of layered sounds because I truly get a lot of experiences with sound. The first time I really felt moved and supremely calm was when I listened to After Traffic, by the Mocean Workers. It has slowly pulsing lights and a sort of sea-like atmoshpere while the rolling prickles of auburn and highlighter acid yellow mixed and prodded. The song Adore, by I:Cube has a lot of orange and purple waves and more geometric shapes than anything else I've ever heard. Rock is fantastic: hard like a cliff; burning cold; bubbly, burning, joyously hot; slippery and sharp with static pulses and an adrenaline-rushing core of pure thrill. Music is a huge experience, and for me a particularly enjoyable one. If I listen to it in the dark or with my eyes closed it's even better; the effects are enhandced.

Anyway, that's a small peek into what I experience. I could honestly ramble on for hours. I've never met anyone that's thought synesthesia was gross or was scared of catching it; on the contrary, most everybody I've met that knows about it wishes they had it or that they could experience it.

Keep up this good work you've got going!



Holy novel-length comment, Batman! xDDD my synesthesia is almost non-existant compared to your guys' 8o




Jeepers, I really did write a novel...xD Maybe I should just print this out for future use in an essay....

It sounds a lot more intense once I've typed it all out. The reality is that by now all these little things are an everyday occurance. I can block out the color-number/letter associations, but when I'm bored I like to think of different words and what they are.

For reals, I'm just dramatic. It's not REALLY like I'm being just looks like that in writing. :\



Oh... @Hyde:

W-wow. Thank for that long comment! I love, loooove hearing about other's synestetic experiences. I have only a mild form of audio-visual synesthesia (I associate sounds with color).

I know that my comic is a bit exaggerated on some parts, but that's because it's supposed to be more fiction than fact XD that's why I ask to please read it as is :)

I haven't met anyone who loathes this condition (although one day this person told me "you have synesthesia!? poor you!" ahaha i don't really know what she meant, but she did knew what synesthesia was). I'm just doing it to keep Dai motivated, although being motivated by JUST that? I mean, sure, he's being teased by his friends, but that wont make you go through needles of strangers, right?

So please look forward for some more Dai torture-- I mean, more motivation :)



Oh snap. I remember on two different occasions attempting to describe something, and it went along the lines of "If that smell was a sound, it would feel sharp..." 'Sharp' meaning the appearance of sharpness. I never even thought about that associated with synesthesia.
THEN again, that's the closest thing to synesthesia I've ever had that I can recall. I'd explain more, but I'll just shorten it to "Yellow, eyes, headache, mild".

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