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PG-13 UPDATES REGULARLY! Synesthesia is about a boy called Dai who has a rare mental condition called synesthesia. Synesthetes, or persons with synesthesia can smell shapes, taste music, see colors when they read or feel pain, etc. Their senses are "connected". Unlike most synesthetes, who usually develop artistical talents and therefore enjoy their conditions, Dai loathes it because he gets teased about it. So he decided to get "cured". NOTES: *Read in american format. *Completely sketchy and amateurish pencil art/paneling since this comic is from when I was a young little bug. *If you can SURVIVE THE FIRST 13 PAGES, you already made through the whole thing. *This comic is not meant to insult anybody with any condition mentioned here. *Please read the FAQs. Synesthesia is REAL :)


Hello my friends! Thank you for stopping by my webcomic "Synesthesia". As you might imagine, I get a lot of questions in regards to the condition itself, more so that on the actual plot. I do not know how to create a FAQ page, so this will have to do for now ^^;

1)What IS synesthesia?
Synesthesia is a condition of the brain in which the perception/sensorial conducts on the brain are "connected" to each other. This means that when one sense "activates" another or others (depending on the synesthete) of their senses activates as well. This means that, for example, listening to music can "activate" your eyesight. Meaning a mental, but almost physical image of a color and/or shape can appear for a synesthete.
Or maybe when tasting something you can "listen" to a certain note or sound, or when touching something you get a strong flavor of strawberries. The possibilities are endless and they vary from person to person. Another common thing I´ve found is that some synesthetes can experience some kind of extra-sensorial habilities. Also, the most common form of synesthesia is colorgraphem, or assigning colors to letters. Giving "personality" to letters is also faily common ^^

2)Is synesthesia REAL?
It is! It´s said that 1 in 2000 is a synesthete. Most synesthetes develop strong inclinations for art and music. Most of them are left-handed (and get confused with "right" and "left" often XD), most of them are bad with math, and most of them are females.

3) How do I know if I have synesthesia?
you just do? If you have really strong perception, it might be obvious since you´re little and you think everyone else has it until you blurt out "HEY ISN´T THIS TEXT FULL OF ORANGE!?" and everyone gives you strange looks 8D

4)Does synesthesia only affect the 5 senses?
Nope. It can also be evoked with emotions, but this comic will ignore this a bit for convenience´s sake.

5) How do you get synesthesia?

It´s hereditary for the most part. If there´s a musician or a different kind of artist in your family and you think you fit into this descriptions, then you might be one!

6)Is Maki a synesthete too?
I associate sound/music with colors; but not as strongly as this characters here XD

THAT´S IT! If you have anymore questions regarding this fascinating condition, please feel free to pm me here or at DA.

as a side note, don´t take everything I say in this comic as true facts because I might be wrong, and some parts are clearly made up (don´t worry, I´ll make sure to point out which ones). Comics are exaggerations of reality, and they´re meant to be fun! But if you think "SYNESTHESIA" is informative to you in any given way, then it serves a double purpose ^^

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